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Be aware that some form of bone evaluation is needed for an accurate idea of bone support for future implant placement or to evaluate existing bone support of any teeth present. Many times patents will bring in current X-rays from another office. Duplicates of existing copies of X-rays are not always diagnostic to fully see the clinical conditions. New in office photos, Digital X-rays or a panoramic survey are often necessary to fully examine present dental conditions. In some cases, a more diagnostic survey called a 3D Cone Beam CT scan may be necessary to fully determine bone levels and sinus evaluation.

Any out of pocket fees will be discussed in advance.

Our goal is to provide all of our patients with a thorough evaluation and options to help insure the best long term results. At Smoler Smiles, we treat implant patients every day, but for many of our new patients, they have been waiting months, years or even decades to finally decide on treatment. We treat each and every patient individually and uniquely. We truly want to help each and every one of our patients enjoy the simplest joys of every day living with healthy smiles, comfortable chewing and proper nutrition.


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Dr. Bruce Smoler

Dr. Bruce Smoler