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Teeth In a Day. Find Out how to change your life in ONE video below

CONCERN: Patient had neglected his teeth for years. Bad past experiences prevented him from moving forward with needed dental care. Smoler Smile Express Teeth in a Day was his treatment. He was able to have snap fit, removable bridges the for him was the best option.

CONCERN: Patient was embarrased by his smile and was limited to keeping his teeth covered instead of smiling even when he was happy. He had some family events he wanted to be able to smile at so the ability to have treatment done, and done in a day was VERY important to him. He had upper and lower jaw treatment to replace missing teeth as well as to replace hopeless teeth that were broken down or needed extensive treatment to fix. Having all of his dental concerns taken care of at one time was a HUGE reason he went ahead with getting his Smoler Smile Express Teeth in a Day.

CONCERN: Patient was unable to eat, smile and talk comfortably. For years he was looking for options. Many other Dentists told him NOTHING could be done. And the few that said something could be done told him it would take from 12 to 24 months and a LOT more money than his Smoler Smiles Express Teeth in a Day. At one visit, he had 4 upper and 4 lower implants placed with teeth fitted the same time. He was able to eat better, smile easier and talk better from day one. He was thrilled.

CONCERN: Being in front of the public, this patient was given an ultimatum at work to either get fired or have her teeth fixed. We had to initially fix the top front teeth so the patient did not loose her job. Once squared away and all the preliminary treatment was done, all of Colleen's teeth were removed at one time and just 4 upper implants were placed strategically to restore her upper jaw. The same type of treatment was done for her lower teeth. All the badly broken down teeth were removed and just 4 lower implants were placed. The patient woke up with solid upper and lower teeth for the first time in decades. No dentures, no shifting teeth, nothing to bother with coming in and out. It was a blessing not to worry about missing teeth.

CONCERN: Patient had 21 teeth with failing crowns, root canals, broken fillings as well as a few missing teeth. He was not comfortable smiling and he was in pain almost on a daily basis. The idea of living his life embarrassed and not able to eat and chew comfortably caused a lot of anxiety. Through the years he had many crowns redone since his past crowns only lasted 5-9 years. He was searching for a long term solution to have the smile he wanted with little or minimal maintenance and cost to keep healthy. Treatment consisted of Teeth In A Day , the treatment of choice. After a few consultation appointments, we removed all his teeth, placed 4 upper implants, 4 lower implants and gave him FIXED non-removable teeth that very day. The All on Four protocol was followed to avoid sinus grafting, and more involved socket grafting. Needless to say, this was the first time EVER that he liked to smile. He now looks as happy as he is on the inside.

CONCERN: Upper denture was poorly fitting and the missing lower teeth prevented him from being able to chew or bite comfortably. He could not enjoy family functions that involved eating, smiling or just being social. His last Dentist told him to use denture glue and to just get used to his hopeless condition. Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction with Teeth In A Day treatment that allowed the patient to feel good chewing and eating when he woke up from surgery. He now is able to laugh, smile, eat and be social. He is now as happy on the outside as he is on the inside with his SmolerSmile.

CONCERN: Patient had an uncomfortable upper denture and a lower partial that was falling apart. He was losing his teeth both from his lower jaw as well from the partial. He had researched dental implants and selected our office for his treatment. He was looking forward to finding ONE office to handle all of his needs instead of going from office to office to office. Full mouth implant reconstruction with implants on top and bottom. Teeth in a day with teeth that stayed in place when he left. He was thrilled since he did not have to have a denture at all. His teeth were solid and stable after surgery. His final porcelain/zirconia teeth worked GREAT. He said his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

CONCERN: Patient was upset that her teeth were not as strong as she needed them to be. Her front teeth were breaking and she was not smiling due to being very self conscious. Within a few appointments, we were able to remove her bad teeth and finally rebuild her mouth to give her the smile she had always wanted. Now it's hard for her NOT to smile.

CONCERN: Patient had a number of dental problems: bone infection around failing root canals, gumline disharmony as well as bone defects from 2 missing teeth with severe bone atrophy that affected her ability to smile comfortably. She disliked the color, shape and feel her old failing upper bridge. She wanted a full mouth reconstruction consisting of bone grafting, sinus bone grafting, chin grafting in two areas, root canals, gum surgery, 2 implants and 27 crowns. She was so thrilled that she FINALLY had the smile she had dreamed about.

CONCERN: Patient was unhappy with her smile. Pain was present due to a large infection on her upper left. Her treatment consisted of 3 steps. Her first step was: to remove 22 teeth and to place 6 upper implants and 6 lower implants, We placed a bone graft on the upper left as well near the floor of her sinuses. For her lower jaw, we placed an immediate fixed/non removeable lower provisional on the 6 lower implants. The second step was after a 2 month rest phase to place two more upper implants. The third step after a 5 month rest phase was to place her final teeth. Needless to say, she was THRILLED with the results.

CONCERN: Patient had trouble chewing his food due to his collapsing bite. His back teeth had shifted and his front teeth were getting weaker and weaker. His treatment included full mouth reconstruction to rebuild his collapsing bite, multiple gum surgeries, root canals, bone grafting and 3 dental implants once the bite and bone were properly rebuilt. For the first time in decades, the patient was able to smile easily and painlessly while showing off his new Smoler Smile.

CONCERN: The patient needed a lot of help. He lost a lot of bone due to gum disease and he wanted teeth to stay fixed (cemented and screwed in place) Full mouth reconstruction with dental implants was done to give back what had been missing. Patient desired as many implants as possible to aid in flossing between individual crowns. Patient had all his teeth removed at one time with 8 lower and 7 upper implants placed. Additional bone grafting was needed on his upper jaw before 3 final implants were placed 2 months later. He was thrilled that he got his mouth healthier and without all the gum disease in his mouth. His overall health and well being was improved dramatically.

CONCERN: The patient had given up on her teeth for YEARS thinking that nothing could be done to help her. Dentist after dentist told her it was a 'lost cause'. When we saw her, she needed teeth for an engagement party in 2 weeks. We were able to make provisional teeth that gave her a smile to for her parties. Once the reconstruction started we removed the remaining teeth and placed 7 upper implants and 5 lower implants. We were able to give her lower teeth that were cemented in place while the rest of her mouth rested for a total of 3-5 months. The patient was absolutely thrilled to have beautiful porcelain fixed teeth that never came out. It gave back what she was missing for such a long time.

CONCERN: Patient had numerous root canals and a very bad underbite/cross bite where his front teeth overlapped incorrectly. He was always breaking off the crowns or the root canalled teeth due to his bad bite. A complete change of his teeth positions was done with crowns and implants instead of years of orthodontic treatment. For the first time in a long long time, he could chew without pain and without the embarrassment of breaking off his teeth.

CONCERN: Patient could not chew or bite. Lower partial was terrible and painful and did not fit. With a mismatched bite on top and the bottom she broke off an upper tooth due to her bad bite. Her treatment was to remove all the remaining teeth and place 4 implants with basic attachments to upgrade to a fixed bridge what she was able. It was the first time in 15 years that she was able to smile with a full set of teeth that were comfortable and solid.

CONCERN: Patient was unable to chew with his upper denture without loading it up with denture adhesive. His lower partial never fit well and it was destroying his bone on the lower left of his jaw. His treatment consisted of bone grafting on his upper front jaw bone and dual sinus grafting while his lower jaw had teeth removed and 6 lower implants placed all at the same time. The next IV Sedation session consisted of placing 8 upper implants. He had a lower fixed implant bridge cemented on his lower implants and an upper removable bridge placed on his upper 8 implants. After the treatment was done, he was thrilled that he was able to chew, feel great and smile.

CONCERN: Patient had a 6 tooth bridge crack off at the gum line. The cause was a bad bite and no back teeth on the upper right side to even his bite out. He wanted to try to save as many teeth as possible and was NOT interested in a full arch reconstruction. We quickly made him a provisional bridge so he could have Teeth in an Hour without having to walk around without teeth at work or with clients. 1 broken tooth root was removed as well as a split tooth next to the broken bridge. A full sinus bone graft was needed on the upper right in back to add more bone to fix his uneven bite. In all, 2 teeth were removed, extensive bone grafting was done, 6 implants were placed as well as adding 8 teeth to chew with that are solid and completely supported by strong dental implants that can last him the rest of his life.

CONCERN: Step by step implant procedure for an 84 year old woman that wanted to stay healthy. She had an old root canal go bad and the tooth needed to be removed. At the same time a socket bone graft was done. Then the implant was placed followed by uneventful healing, placement of the implant post and then finally her implant crown. She was thrilled to have her tooth replaced and not have to worry about having more work done on her side teeth.

CONCERN: Patient only had one remaining tooth on top and her lower right bridge was broken and infected. Her treatment consisted of a gold bar on top of 8 upper implants supporting a removable bridge as she desired along with a single lower right implant to support her chewing. Patient was thrilled to finally have upper teeth that she could chew and eat well with.

CONCERN: Patient had not been able to chew or eat comfortably for years. He was just waiting for his teeth to fall out since he was told it was hopeless until he came in to see what could be done at our office for him. Lower jaw was treated first since he had gum and tooth infections that took priority. All the lower teeth were removed and 6 lower implants were placed. A lower fixed provisional bridge was made to allow him to chew and eat comfortably for the first time in years.

CONCERN: Patient was unable to wear her replacement teeth. Her bone was very narrow on the upper jaw and required bone width augmentation on her upper jaw. While her upper jaw treatment was grafted, 5 dental implants were placed on her lower jaw. Once her upper jaw bone grafting rested, 6 upper implants were placed. She then was able to have fixed provisional teeth for the first time in decades. Once ready, final high end esthetic, durable ZIRCONIA fixed bridges were made to change her life. Gone were dentures and uncomfortable teeth for the first time in decades.